Even with adjusting the drag on the focus knob on ATN's X-Sight II scopes, they still require a pinch or grab with two fingers to change the focus. These focus knobs allow for one finger adjustments, improving the ergonomics and making your response time quicker.

They work equally well in stalk, blind or stand hunting.

Knobs can be painted using a plastic primer before final color coat.

See the video below for mounting instructions. The knobs are designed to fit tight, and during installation the fitment can seem too tight, but that is by design.



If you're mounting your IR illuminator on the side of your ATN scope, there may be some clearance issues with the original knob and the light.

 To determine if there are any clearance issues, measure from the right of your illuminator bell to the left of your knob.

I have confirmed that the T38 Evolva and the ATN IR850 Pro are large enough to need the smaller knob.



If the measurement is 5/8 inch or more, the 7 Star knob will fit without hitting the illuminator.

If it's between 1/2 and 5/8 inch, then the illuminator will interfere with the original 7 star sized knobs, and you should order the smaller 6 Star knob or adjust the position of the illuminator forwards or backwards to a position that doesn't hit the knob.


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Love it!

Joshua Mapes on Feb 24th 2018

Definitely helps especially in cold weather when the knob can get a little tight. Great product at a dirt cheap price. OVERDRIVE OUTDOORS APPROVED!

Perfect Company! Perfect Products!

Gareth on Feb 14th 2018

So glad I found the Blackcatworks website. I originally messaged Corey @ Blackcatworks about posting to the UK and bundling each item as a single postage cost. He was extremely helpful and sorted out my order very quickly. He also posted it same day and 9 or 10 days later it was in the UK. Fastest item I've had for USA in a long while. As for the products, well I couldn't be happier. The difference between the X-Sight HD with and without is as the saying goes the difference between night and day. It really is that extreme. The ability to look at a target and stay on track while adjusting the focus makes a world of difference. Previously, I'd go to adjust the focus and the stiffness of the adjuster would cause me to go off target. To the point I was thinking of selling my scope because I was that fed up of it but now its a real pleasure to use again. Shame ATN couldn't have supplied something like this originally but as they don't I'd recommend blackcatworks modification hands down.

7 star

Shawn K. Lancaster on Feb 12th 2018

Well made, simple and works great. Fast shipping. Excellent value!. Thank you!

Focus Knob

Kenneth Eriksson/Sweden on Feb 9th 2018

Could not get the scope to work without it, great tool that should come with scope as standard.


Alexknob on Feb 6th 2018

Great addition tomy scope!

ATN X-Sight II focus knob

GeoffTheFarmer on Feb 3rd 2018

Prior to installing the focus knob on my X-Sight II I found it difficult to focus so most of the time it was out of focus. Now it's easy to focus which makes a big difference to my shooting.

Adjustment Knob

Justin on Feb 1st 2018

Tight fit and does the job well!

focus knob

john wilson on Jan 2nd 2018

a must only way to go a must have for x sight 2 makes it soooo much easier to focus