Fed up with the wimpy cam wire bracket from the factory, I designed this one. It's thicker in nearly every regard, and made with a polymer (PETG if y'all care) that is both stronger and more flexible than older polymers. It's a perfect material for a piece like this one, that needs to be stronger and more flexible than the factory plastic.

In addition, the post that hold the wire is open at the side, so you can remount the cam wire in the breakaway post without unscrewing or bending anything. reinserting the cam wire is a toolless operation that takes 5 seconds, and you're back to reloading.

Lastly, it uses the factory screw, so no new hardware!

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Better then factory

Tosh on Sep 17th 2018

After struggling with the factory part for years it finally broke. I bought one of these and it fixed all the issues I was having. I was worried the OEM screw wouldn't fit but it does.

As it should

Eric Meyers on Jul 12th 2018

This is, without a doubt, the absolute way the LNL should have shipped. I've had 3 factory Cam Wire Brackets crack on me (you know where) and this one is way more solid and looks and works better than the crappy metal bracket I made to try to correct the issue with the factory version.

Don't run your press without it.

nick girard on Apr 30th 2018

Don't install the OEM bracket. Run this, never question it. Works like a charm, way more adjustment than the stock one. If you have to ask if you need one you shouldn't have bought the LnL AP.

Cam Wire Bracket

Dale on Feb 8th 2018

Great product, very strong and reliable. Awesome price and fast shipping!

Hornady LNL AP Primer Cam Wire Bracket

David Honeywell on Dec 17th 2017

This little bracket fit and works perfect. I am glad you came up with this idea. It will save me a lot of grief when the primer rod pops out.